Last year I watched 214 films - you can see the full list over here.

Here are six of my favourite films I saw for the first time this year

Mahanagar (1963 - Satyajit Ray)

Assuming my tagging was correct and complete (which it almost certainly wasn't) I watched:
214 films, of which...
38 were not in English
23 were silent
3 were released in 2013

I rated them all from one to ten - my ratings are irregular and sometimes unfathomable, periodically I decide that I'm rating too high and everything following gets rated lower... and then the numbers edge up again - so they really are nonsense... but as I've done it:

2 films were rated 10
17 were rated 9
40 were rated 8
41 were rated 7
43 were rated 6
34 were rated 5
24 were rated 4
8 were rated 3
3 were rated 2
1 was rated 1