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50 films: 2006 - For Your Consideration

I can't wait
Of course This Is Spinal Tap was a work of perfectly timed genius. Best In Show was clever and fun, and A Mighty Wind... well that had some great ideas and good moments... but you know what, For Your Consideration was Guest-mockumentary by numbers. It wasn't as cutting, and didn't have the occasional sweetness of the earlier films, and frankly it wasn't as funny as either... in fact I'd go so far as to say it was barely funny at all.

Catherine O'Hara has most of the few good moments in the film, sixteen seconds into this trailer she says "no" - that happens a couple of minutes into the film and is pretty much as funny as it gets...

Anyway... Wikipedia tells me that Catherine O'Hara is Mary Margaret O'Hara's sister - haven't listened to Miss America for years

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