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50 albums: 1974 - Nighbirds by Labelle

LABELLE 1974 Nightbirds LP record album vintage vinyl A
Like I guess far too many folk, until fairly recently my knowledge of Labelle extended no further than Lady Marmalade. I had no idea, for instance, that they weren't in fact just Patti Labelle let alone just how important Nona Hendryx was to the band.

In June 2011 Nona Hendryx appeared, with George Clinton at a talk about the British Library called "Space Children" that opened my eyes somewhat, although I have to admit that this is the first time I've listened to Nightbirds as an album, rather than just occasional dips into Labelle's catalogue.

George Clinton & Nona Hendryx from Labelle in discussion for Out of this World
I think the thing most notable about Labelle is that Nona's lyrics were thoughtful and smart... and then they sang them dressed like this

And here's the hit (not written by Nona)

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