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A day trip to Manchester

Manchester Town Hall

Hazel faniced seeing Suranne Jones in Orlando that was just about to close at The Royal Exchange in Manchester, so on Saturday we decided a day trip was in order. Early train, all the way up the sun was shining. When we left Manchester Piccadilly station it was chucking it down. That's pretty much how the day went, we'd walk into a building in the sunshine and walk out in the rain, or hail!

While Hazel was at the theatre I wandered around the Manchester Art Gallery which had an exhibition of work by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos. I'm not 100% certain I liked her work - and I do still have problems with certain aspects of art - but I did find it quite compelling... I loved the way it was sprinkled in amongst the more traditional art in the gallery, and it made me smile often enough.

Cottonopolis by Joana Vasconcelos

Here's some other art I saw outside of the gallery, maybe I liked this more!
Blue tit mural


And a couple of other photos...
Tram and big wheel

Canal Street

The whole day was a bit rushed and slightly hampered by the weather, we'll have to make a return trip soon.

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