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50 albums: 2001 - Vespertine by Björk

A RECORD A DAY, #10: Björk,
Whenever I listen to Vespertine I'm fairly certain that it is far and away the best of Björk's albums. However, sit me down before I put it on and I'm not sure I could name or describe a single track on it, this is the Björk album I've listened to more than any other. I'm not sure why that is, because it is unquestionably an exceptional album but for some reason it only becomes truly exceptional while it's playing.

I find it quite surprising, and yet wonderfully reassuring, that Björk has managed to be as successful as she has, while consistently making interesting and experimental music - I guess that's because there's a myth that people are inclined towards the predictable, but thankfully there's clearly a sizeable minority of folk who aren't.

Now, while Vespertine may be the best Björk album it is of course not even in the top two1 albums featuring Björk. I can name, and describe, and sing, most of the tracks on Life's Too Good.

He put me in a bathtub, made me squeaky clean... really clean

There's a Regina Road in West Ealing I walk or cycle down often... and every time (seriously EVERY SINGLE TIME!) the chorus of this sings in my head... this has been happening for 20 years or more.

50 films and 50 albums

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