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Why Change Your Wife?

Just home from seeing the silent film Why Change Your Wife? at the BFI. The film seemed to be a projected DVD and frankly looked awful, which was a shame. It is a 1920 romantic comedy and despite what might be considered a rather dubious message, is fun and silly, and almost looks like it might get a bit dark in places... but no, goes back to being silly. The three leads, Gloria Swanson, Bebe Daniels ("legally a widow but optically a pippin") and Thomas Meighan were all rather great.

The film was presented with a new score by jazz vocalist Niki King, which was OK, but I found the vocals a bit distracting, it worked in places but often seemed to sit a bit uncomfortably with the film. Also... can't help watching a band when it has a harp... and I should be watching the film!

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