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If I can't whine here...

Today NME had a news item on the imminent release of a Dean Wareham live album, they decided that the most important thing about this forthcoming release was not that Dean Wareham was releasing a live album recorded at two utterly spellbinding shows at St Pancras Old Church in December.

No, what NME considered most important was that Dean was "[covering] New Order on [the] cassette-only album". Now that would be fine, a reputable news source needs an angle to sell their news... except it's not a cover of a New Order track. Ceremony was played a number of times by Joy Division before Ian Curtis died... there are at least three recordings to prove it. So... it was a cover of Joy Division.

As well as an angle, a reputable news source really needs to be right.

I snarkily tweeted as much and was baffled by people pointing out that New Order had released it as their first single (which I knew) as if this justified the NME's mistake. It doesn't.

I remember having a similar argument when the first edition of Black Postcards came out and Dean had got the tracklist of Luna's last show wrong... they seemed to think it didn't matter.

It does. Accuracy is important.

Black Postcards was corrected in its paperback edition

Here's Galaxie 500, covering Joy Division's Ceremony in 1990

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