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50 albums: 2014 - Dean Wareham by Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham (2014)

So... here it is, the fifty-first entry in my 50 albums. The series, like me, began at year 0.
Today I am 50 years old. I don't feel 50 but then I've no idea what a 50 year old should feel like. But I don't feel old, not really.

Dean Wareham is just under a year older than me. Next Friday, when I see him play in London he'll have played 17 shows in 18 days. Shows in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy and the UK. The thought of doing that does actually make me feel 50!

A few months back Dean released his first solo album. The media liked to make a big deal of this but, the media need an angle. In interviews Dean has suggested that it gave him the opportunity to be more masculine, more r-o-c-k... maybe in the way it was conceived or recorded that was the case, but the album doesn't feel any more masculine to me... and it's not like Dean hasn't taken the opportunity to r-o-c-k in the past.

It is a really really good album. Now, I genuinely think that if I was able to make an objective assessment of the album I'd still say it was really, really good... but I can't so you have to take my opinion as that of a fan who has, (virtually) without exception, adored anything and everything that Dean has created over the last 27 years.

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