After rattling through almost 130 posts during 2014 until I reached 50 ... I then stopped. Partly because the 50 albums project came to an end, and partly because the week after my birthday was so full and mind-bendingly awesome that I never got a chance... and by then I'd fallen out of the habit.

My family treated me to a Luna rarity for my birthday... which was a beautiful surprise

The day after my 50th birthday (Sunday 18th) I went and saw Damon & Naomi showing Naomi's film Fortune and performing, at Café Oto... at the end of that show, this happened...

More about that evening on A Head Full of Wishes.

The Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was spent following Dean Wareham around the bottom half of England, and ended with a particularly splendid night at the Islington Assembly Hall, and a bar and van afterwards - I babbled about that at length on A Head Full of Wishes if you care.

The week after that I became the father of a seventeen year old boy.