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Spectrum at Electrowerkz in London

I mostly go to gigs on my own these days (not counting AHFoW related ones) and hardly any of those. I don't mind going to gigs on my own, there's no uncomfortable or awkward conversations and no struggling to have a conversation with all the noise - to be honest I also don't mind going to gigs with people either - my point is that I got past any billy-no-mates stigma of being on my own.

I am however, incredibly lazy, so to get me out at all takes something pretty special - which is why I hardly go out at all these days. I've never seen Spectrum. I've seen Sonic Boom plenty of times in recent years with Dean Wareham or Luna or Cheval Sombre, but Spectrum (and Spacemen 3 before them) managed to slip through my fingers for a variety of reasons.

So I decided to not let that happen again and headed off alone to Electrowerkz, just behind Angel station, to see them. It was a particularly good gig and I'm relieved I got of my lazy arse to go. I caught the last half of support act Tripwires and positioned myself by the stage for Spectrum.

The gig had a very 80s feel to it. Tatty, dingy venue with peeling black paint. Dry ice leaking into the audience and Sonic Boom and pals making a splendid and relentless collage of noise and light.

The whole show is available to watch on Youtube, here are a few pictures I took.


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