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Another 50 albums: 1973 - Everybody Likes Some Kind of Music by Billy Preston

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At lunchtime yesterday I listened to a BBC Radio documentary on Billy Preston, presented by Rick Wakeman, that made me realise that I never really went beyond the fifth Beatle thing (although it turns out I'd probably heard more of Billy with The Stones than The Beatles). It was an interesting and ultimately tragic story, and by the end I sort of wished I could listen to this music without knowing it.

I decided to pick an album that was after the Apple/Beatles connection and so 1973's Everybody Likes Some Kind of Music seemed appropriate. It's from 1973 and saw Billy playing the field... which by it's very nature exposes Billy's weaknesses as well as his strengths. An album designed to genre-hop the way this one does is inevitably a patchy affair. But has some gold, and some lovely synthy experimentation.

Can't find any live footage from this album... so this'll do

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