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Another 50 albums: 1969 - Soundtrack from the film More by Pink Floyd

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At the age of 14, in 1979, music kicked in for me. In 1979 Pink Floyd released The Wall, I was not impressed. Some school mates were fans, but it left me cold. Years later I discovered I could appreciate Syd Barrett era Floyd, but decided that it was easy to draw the line under the band in 1968. Over the years I've rarely listened to post-Barrett Floyd (I don't often listen to Pink Floyd at all to be honest). I find their "classics" Dark Side of The Moon, and Wish You Were Here, mostly tiresome.

I don't really know More, it's a film soundtrack (to a film I also don't know by Barbet Schroeder... and research suggests I probably don't need to), it was the first complete album without Syd, so may be close enough to that era to have something to interest me. On barbetschroeder.com it claims that "because [Pink Floyd's] label, EMI viewed the album as a special project, More allowed the band freer artistic rein" - maybe that is where the rot set in?

I actually liked this album more than I expected, maybe for the exact same reasons that I began to not like them later - cinematic, self-indulgent, experimental. It also suckered me in with bird song (which reminds me that it's time to revisit my songs with SFX series)

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