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My top 6... Beatles cover versions

Today on A Head Full of Wishes I posted Damon & Naomi's cover of The Beatles' (well George's) While My Guitar Gently Weeps... it's a lovely cover but not in my top 6...
actually these aren't really my top 6 either... just the first six that popped into my head right now! #1 is probably #1 though!

We'd like to start off with some Rock 'n' Roll, we'll throw it out, you throw it back

#1 - The Pink Fairies - Tomorrow Never Knows from Finland Freakout 1971

#2 - The Unthanks - Sexy Sadie

#3 - Bobbie Gentry - Here, There and Everywhere

#4 - The Breeders - Happiness is a Warm Gun

#4 - The Feelies - Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)

#6 - Galaxie 500 - Rain - Ha! as if I could leave this out...

I've no idea why I found that picture funny... but I'm still smiling.

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