Oh poor, long-neglected, Everything's Swirling - time to breathe a little life into you.

I haven't checked but can't believe that no one has reviewed Hitch's 1928 comedy Champagne by comparing it to it's alcoholic namesake. But I'll do it all the same. It's light, and fizzy (in places) but ultimately unsatisfying. We first watched it when it was streamed over the Internet back in 2012 (so long ago - I remember being quite excited by getting to see a Hitch rarity streamed online).

I enjoyed the film a bit more this time. The story is pretty awful, but Betty is charming and Gordon Harker as her father is a treat - Hazel thinks his casting "seems particularly daft" but I thought he pulled it off rather well - the man can use that same face in any role from farmhand to Wall Street executive.

Champagne at The Hitchcock Zone
Champagne at BFI Screenonline

Watched: 2015-07-04
Source: DVD
Rating: 5/10