The first time I saw The Manxman was as the archive premier at the 2012 London Film Festival it was on the huge screen and spacious surrounds of the Empire Leicester Square, it was a beautifully restored print, it had a lovely score played by a small folk ensemble, there was a small bar of Green & Blacks chocolate on every seat (and there were seats without people so ... bonus choc) and the film was a sweet and sad tale of love - all of this and Hitch's long, lingering close-ups of Anny Ondra, conspired to make me love the film to pieces.

Sitting in my living room, on a DVD (that was actually not bad a print), and without chocolate and the shine was slightly burnished. The story, that had been charming and sad, seemed a little (actually quite a lot) insubstantial. I still rather liked the film but the lovely shots (both of the Cornish (not Manx) coutryside) and the aforementioned Ms Ondra, were not enough to make this seem any more than a half-hearted and slightly laboured yarn.

Sweet Anny
Surprised Anny
Enraptured Anny
Heartbroken Anny
Accused Anny

... you get the idea with that.

Far from classic Hitch, and one I'm not in a hurry to watch again... and besides ... we get long, lingering shots of Anny Ondra in the next one too!

Watched: 2015-08
Source: DVD
Rating: 6/10