The Skin Game (Alfred Hitchcock - 1931)

The Skin Game is based on a stage play, and, like Juno & The Paycock it shows - however, unlike that film this was a tolerable yarn, although so very wordy that it was crying out for Hitch to let the pictures tell a bit of the story - but, no the whole bally thing was practically read out for us.

Luckily a lot of it was read by Edmund Gwenn which helped a lot - it's a a tale of tradition vs progress, inherited wealth vs earned wealth, and how you can never escape your past.

Maybe this is Hitch just doing a job, there are few glimpses of what we want, and it doesn't have the charm and humour of Murder! - and to be honest I maybe love Hitch's skill at humour more than his skill at suspense. There's very little humour in The Skin Game.

Also, I still don't know what a Skin Game is?

Watched: 2017-02-01
Source: DVD
Rating: 4/10