Fred comes home, bored

And so we arrive at the first true gem of Hitch's sound era (because Blackmail was a more of a gem of the silent era and can only be counted once!). Rich and Strange is both rich, and strange - not perfect, perfection's still four films away (or maybe eight), but still a thoroughly enjoyable time-passer.

The opening sequences are fun and seem to have Hitch playing a bit with styles (and ripping off Asquith's Underground). Fred and Emily deserved better sassy dialog - but still had some priceless moments, one of my faves being the drunken walk back to their room on the cruise ship that culminates with a lovely gag about bedtime prayers.

Emily prays

The love story and Fred and Emily's parting of ways is a little tired and overplayed - and Fred comes across as an oaf, Emily deserves so much better. But they reunite, now out of cash and having to take a cut-price journey home, which is where the film takes a particularly strange, and sometimes a bit dark, turn.

There's a beautiful sequence of them escaping from their room - and a hilarious gag with a cat (that might not appeal to cat-lovers - although it appealed to this cat-lover).

… and so the adventure ends … and we're back to the beginning.

Watched: 2017-02-14
Source: DVD
Rating: 6/10