The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

We last watched The Man Who Knew Too Much in 2004, and I remember liking it more than this time. I still enjoyed the film but somehow the rather inconsistent tone and the occasionally rushed and sometimes lacklustre pace made it seem harder work than I remember.

Lovely to see Nova Pilbeam's appearance - we named a cat after her but it wasn't because of this film but the next Hitch film she turns up in. Leslie Banks is invariably good value and Edna Best was underused but came good in the end. Peter Lorre's villain is clearly so obviously villainous that at one point it's impossible to comprehend that he's believed by a bobby, over the charming, bumbling "Uncle Clive".

The Albert Hall sequence set up some good tension initially but had lost some of its momentum by the time of the assasination attempt. The final shoot-out was just plain bonkers.

Nova Pilbeam, Leslie Banks and Edna Best

Watched: 2017-07-01
Source: DVD
Rating: 6/10