A couple of weekends back Hazel and I spent a weekend in Cardiff for the lovely Wales Goes Pop! festival - the whole thing was a joy, but here's a few particularly good bits …


Deerful at Wales Goes Pop!

Lovely to see Emma again, she makes beautiful music, has a lovely voice, and does charming and funny between songs banter - there's nothing not to love about Deerful!

The Gate

The venue is a lovely former church beautifully converted into an arts centre. The main performance space was the former gallery of the church, with the original pews around three sides. Underneath was a cafe and the second stage. Given that we were to spend so much of the weekend here it was a treat.



Milgi is a restaurant it's in this list because it was a stone's throw from the venue and it had lovely and imaginative vegetarian food served in a comfortable envinronment, by friendly people.

It was so good we went there three times!


Everyone else

Sacred Paws

Sacred Paws at Wales Goes Pop!

Girl Ray

Girl Ray at Wales Goes Pop!


Lorna at Wales Goes Pop!

Rogue Jones

Rogue Jones at Wales Goes Pop!


Gulp at Wales Goes Pop!

The Just Joans

The Just Joans at Wales Goes Pop!

… and everyone else.