Secret Agent (1936)

Argh! I was supposed to write these little updates directly after seeing the film… but it's been months since we sat down to watch Secret Agent and we can't move on until the posts have been written - and Hitch's true golden period is on the horizon!

I enjoyed Secret Agent, it deosn't have as much charm or wit as The 39 Steps, but it has a silly enjoyable yarn. Gielgud is fine, and while he doesn't have the fizz with Madeleine Carroll that Donat had, it still works well enough for me (I think Hazel disagrees).

And another fab train crash to finish the film - maybe better delivered than that in Number 17, but nowhere near as much fun!

  • Watched: 2017-10 (that's a guess)
  • Source: DVD
  • Rating: 6/10