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1994 - Insides - Clear Skin

Discogs describes Clear Skin as an EP, but, it’s 38 minutes long, longer than many albums so… I’m calling it an album - but an album with just one track on it. Discogs also describe it as minimal and ambient neither of which I’m convinced by. Not that I have a clue what ambient means these days I do find myself getting a little tired of things that are described as that. But I’ve never got tired of Insides, or Clear Skin - so I’ll assume that they (and it) are probably not ambient.

Clear Skin is however repetitive, but develops throughout its 38 minutes, it is so full of sound that minimalist seems like a nonsense?

I don’t think this is on Spotify but someone has uploaded it to YouTube… repeated, so like a 76 minute version! Grab a cuppa, dim the lights and hit play!

I never saw Insides live until September 2019 when they played at the Social in London, they were very lovely both musically and personally (well they came across as such, I, of course wouldn’t have had the nerve to confirm that in person).

They also did a live stream on their own from a church during COVID times which someone has kindly popped on YouTube.

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