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Hitch #34 - Notorious (1946)

Notorious (1946)
Notorious (1946)

So… after the utter disappointment of Spellbound Hitch is back on track with Notorious. The lead actors are all exceptional, Alicia’s wardrobe is gorgeous, and the direction is clearly Hitch showing us his class (rather than resorting to giant scissors). It’s going to get a 9/10 so here’s why it didn’t get a 10

  • Some of the Dev and Alicia kissing scenes were a bit too much!
  • The ususal annoyance of people not being straight with each other (although, of course, there’d be no film without that)
  • Alicia’s very silly haircut at the party. For most of the film her hair is gorgeous, but…
Alicia's party hair
Alicia's party hair

Here’s something that didn’t knock of that point but is likely to knock of points later in the series:

  • The back projection, I kind of like back projection - maybe not as much as I like models - but I like it… but I think I only like it in black and white (or maybe I only like it in films I like) - so suspect that come Marnie things will be different.

This could have bumped it back up to a 10

Source: DVD
Rating: 9/10
Hitchcock Zone: Notorious (1946)

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