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#LET5D0IT - Top 50 singles from 1954 to 1976
Day 12: All Around My Hat - Steeleye Span (1975)


All Around My Hat - Steeleye Span (1975)
I sometimes find it hard to explain just how much I love Steeleye Span, through pretty much all of their phases. But the Mike Batt phase is my favourite and All Around My Hat is perfect!

I never got to see them live until a couple of years ago when they played the Whitley Bay Playhouse, I was practically in tears during All Around My Hat.

I only recently became aware of Mike Batt’s other Steeleye album Rocket Cottage recently, and it is also rather great, and maybe if they’d released “The Brown Girl” as a single that might have been in here instead of “Hat”.

Mike Batt puts in his second appearance in this series!

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