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2002 - Eliza Carthy - Anglicana

My journey to folk music has been a slow and steady one, there was always elements of folk and especially folk-rock seeping into the glam and rock and metal and indie phases of my life but it was probably Eliza Carthy’s 1998 album(s) Red/Rice that opened doors into the more traditional elements of English folk music - and mostly because I enjoyed the Rice bit of it more than the Red bit - possibly because, despite being more traditional it was further from my usual folk fare.

I don’t remember listening to Anglicana as much as Rice which seems odd because it is even better, I almost said more enjoyable but, not always becaue… folk music

Oh, quickly he prepared some poison
He mixed it with a glass of wine
And gave it to his own true lover
She drank it with a most fearful mind

Worcester City

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