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2003 - Movietone - The Sand and The Stars

I loved Movietone yet managed to never get to see them live, which I find sad and puzzling - although my gig-going had tailed off a little by the 21st century I really ought to have caught them before then. This is their fourth and final album, all of which are perfect.

I owned all the albums on CD, because… it was what I was buying back then - but always felt a bit guilty that on the CDs of the first two albums it distincly tells me to “BUY VINYL” - I eventually fixed this a couple of years back when radio/ON found some copies of The Blossom Filled Streets and The Sand and The Stars, and then their debut was reissued in a lovely double-LP package last year. So I have all their albums except Day and Night on LP.

Some of The Sand and The Stars was recorded on a beach in Cornwall and the outdoor ambience is probably enough to make it my favourite of theirs (although like all my favourite bands the album I like best is generally the last one I listened to).

The sleeve is from a pianola roll. My mum and dad had a player piano, and tons of piano rolls, the bellows was torn so it took a lot of effort to get it to play, but it did. I guess it was moved on when my dad moved on… I do miss it though.

Kate from Movietone has been posting lots of lovely pics on her Instagram including pics of the beach recording sessions.

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