Last Saturday I caught a very excellent bill at St Giles in the fields. I was a bit concerned about the venue but all three bands seemed to accommodate the godly atmosphere in their own way. First up were Shady Bard who confidently rolled through their a very good set, maybe they deserve the buzz that seems to be surrounding them. Next up The Clientele who seemed to have a healthy amount of cocky disrespect for their surroundings and swaggered through a nice mix of old and new and very old. The disrespect was something that seemed to offend Daniel Ross at Drowned in Sound who thinks that apparently "[a band] must respect [their] surroundings" which is of course utter nonsense (and it's not as if Christians always have respect for their environment). I'd heard only a little Sodastream before the show so was a little unsure about what to expect. They were tremendous, the two of them filled the church with a sound that maybe fitted the surroundings better than The Clientele, not "respect" just music that maybe comes from somewhere a little closer god or heaven! Definitely worth a listen.

Here's a grossly out of sync video (it was in sync before YouTube got their paws on it - I'll try and upload a new version when I can)