Number Seventeen (1932)

Rather thrilled that Number Seventeen is #17 in my Hitch watching series (although #2 wasn't seen)

The film is cracking little yarn - Hazel wasn't as keen as me on the first half but I loved the humour and the shadows and the silly little yarn.

But what really makes the film great is the fantastic chase - with beautiful models, nobody would have been fooled into thinking the models were real, but that's the joy of models over CGI, becuase neither look authentic ... but models are real and therefore give authenticity, and with authenticity comes tension.

The chase is on!

This was like watching proto-Thunderbirds … but much better paced! The cast were charming and the silliness of the plot has never been something to put me off!

Watched: 2017-02-26
Source: DVD
Rating: 6/10