Waltzes From Vienna (1934)

So, this had Hitch behind the camera. It had The Blue Danube. It had the lovely Jessie Matthews, looking sweet. It had the always wonderful Edmund Gwenn. All these ingredients can surely produce a cracker?

Nope. Because it had a rubbish story, a tired yarn based around the idea that any two women in a film must be jealous of each other - that a young man must be incapable of defending himself from the wiles of an older woman who has influence, and that the older woman will always try to ensnare the younger man just because she can.

All of which is, of course, stupid and so no amount of Hitch, music, sweetness and Edmund Gwenn can save this film.

Sweet Jessie Matthews

Watched: 2017-04-28
Source: DVD
Rating: 4/10

So I prefer the remake - here's my fave clip from it being shown with a live orchestra